"Revolutionizing" the way that you love is going to come from tossing out EVERYTHING you think you know and embracing that to have the kind of love you so desperately want, you've got to make a huge mindset shift - one that requires your love relationships to be navigated as a spiritual practice. This is how the door gets blown open WIDE for you to have what you so deeply desire! Let's Do This! 

Join a community of other Badass Changemakers who are taking courageous steps towards REVOLUTIONIZING Their LIVES!


I discovered Barb during a pivotal time in my serious relationship. With Barb, I not only found healing for my relationship, but reconnection with myself, something that is crucial to the success of any other outside interaction, love or otherwise. She's a brilliant Coach, a kickass woman and whatever challenge you’re up against, you'll gain clarity, purpose, calm and ultimate growth from heeding Barb's wisdom. I couldn't recommend her more highly!”

— Sadie Nardini, Salt & Bone vocalist and Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

Our half day intensive was amazing.! You offered the sacred space and support to go deeper with life- changing work like this. Today I woke up ready and excited, signed film contracts and feel energized for the first time in nine months. It’s like I just landed from being in a nine month personal Tsunami. And I am so happy to have my life back. Again, thank you for being my champion. It means the world to me.” 

- A. B., Documentary Filmmaker