COnsciouS Dating 101

 Where you MUST start to bring ease & fun into your dating experience!

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Are you single and ready to jump back into dating? Or are you seriously open to attracting a life partner?

Then mark your calendar for an opportunity to gather for an amazing afternoon where you will learn all about dating and romance, come to understand what it truly takes to have successful romantic experiences, & know why our Expert Celebrity Coach Barb Beck says, "Dating is NOT a relationship!"

“Most of us have never been taught what skills it takes to date in a conscious way and how to create happy, healthy relationships! Breakups are extremely painful and can leave you with little information about what to do different next time. It’s easy to become frustrated or start to believe that it’s just not worth the energy. Nothing could be further from the truth! I can assure you that spending time getting crystal clear about your intentions and learning how to move on quickly when core requirements are not met, can bring you the wonderful dating experiences, along with the relationships that you are hoping for."
                                                              -- Coach Barb

Get Ready To:

  • Take the "Relationship Readiness" test to see if you are honestly ready to date

  • Understand what mature love really requires if you're going to attract a quality partner

  • Get to work flushing out your bottom line requirements and practice the language of boundary setting

  • Learn how to  spot "red flags" sooner

  •  Hear what the key to keeping dating fun really is and how to enjoy the dance

Learning these tools takes the frustration out of dating and sets you up for relationship success that opens your heart for lasting commitment and partnership with the RIGHT person.

Saying "No" to what you don't want is key to a big "Yes!" to what you are calling in!

Join us on Sunday December 4th  1-4 pm


1532 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201

Wine & snacks on us!! 

             ***  Two ways to register in advance!  Limited seating available.  ***

         $47. per person -OR- $60. for two individuals attending together

                (***please note names in the description box on Paypal***)


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"The quality and depth of the relationship you create with yourself will equal the quality and depth of all of your relationships. Especially, the one you long for most…the one with a true, conscious, intimate partner. Let's get to work!" --Coach Barb.

Barb Beck is an Expert Celebrity Expert Relationship Coach and founder of REVOLUTIONARY LOVE! She has coached hundreds of clients from all parts of the world, including famous actors, yoga "gurus", rock stars and well known football coaches along with your everyday "Joe & Jill" who are struggling with relationship challenges.  

Along with extraordinary Coaching talent, she is known for her powerful teaching style, humor and compassion. Barb has trained under the guidance of metaphysical teacher, Louise Hay, is a Spiritual Practitioner and the author of two books, including "Love, Sex & The Spiritual Path." She is on a mission to REVOLUTIONIZE people's lives and relationships, helping them use the struggles they are experiencing as "wake-up calls" for powerful, personal change!