A Brilliant Fall... A Story of Tumbling!

A Brilliant "Fall"... A Story of Tumbling!

As I sat with my spiritual community this weekend, the speaker said something about what "a brilliant fall we've had" and three words lit up in front of me - A BRILLIANT FALL!   There I sat, arm in a sling with my neck and shoulders aching from last week's collar bone break.  Those three words spun around in my head and I felt everything inside me suddenly soften. ~ A BRILLANT FALL~

Could that be true?  Had my recent "fall" been a "brilliant" one?  Certainly those pointy toed, leopard skin shoes that had caused me to trip, bags in hand, choosing instantly whether to plant my face or shoulder into the street had added to a pretty "brilliant" looking nose-dive!  But as I sat there listening to the rest of the talk, my mind kept wandering to the many miraculous gifts I'd been given since my tumble.

Anyone who's had something scary happen, suddenly - breaking a bone, a startling car accident, a huge mistake that threw you out of the running for something you really wanted - knows how stunned you feel waking up the following morning.  It's easy to lay there thinking "Did this really happen?  Oh my God, what now?"  and to succumb to the sinking feeling that this has screwed up everything and is certainly a huge setback!

Here's what's been fascinating...

My fall has actually landed me in an amazing place:

* I've felt love and experienced support not only in all the small, kind ways you'd expect, but in some over the top, astounding ways that blew my heart open and could never leave me wondering whether I have meaningful connection in my life!

* Having had to put my writing on hold, I found myself staring out my sliding glass door at the most breathtaking fall colored leaves that I remember ever seeing and that gazing kept taking me into some of the deepest meditations I've had in a long time.

* I noticed how even strangers would ask me what I did to myself and then offer some kind words for a speedy recovery.  It felt so tender  - this gift of caring - that I was moved to tears one afternoon as I walked through the park.  Do I do this myself?  How do I show up when given the opportunity to offer caring to someone I don't know?

* I'm stronger and more resilient than I give myself credit for!  I gave an evening talk in a sling, forgoing pain meds, when it hurt to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time and held to my commitment to offer this gift.

* The Universe has been encouraging me to take some time to stop and re-evaluate my next book and the direction I'm taking my business.  I suddenly had a week to sit in deep contemplation, no laptop in front of me and the result was a rush of creativity!

And most important - my "brilliant fall" kicked some kind of huge door open in me, one I'd only recently been peeking through, leaving me to look squarely at a hard, scary and at the same time, exhilarating truth - "If anything can happen that would slow me down physically, then what the hell do I want to get out there and do, NOW!?  

Now that's exciting!

I've watched a friend recently be forced to take some much needed time to soothe and nurture herself, as a result of a car accident.

Another blew an interview so magnificently that she was finally able to look seriously at her burning desire to start an online health coaching biz for kids!

Maybe it's time to lay there..................looking up at the stars......................feeling the support of the earth, the breeze blowing across our faces, the loving hands and hearts that are holding us right where we are.....................and spend a little time contemplating what our BRILLIANT FALL is gifting us with!

Tell me about your own, Brilliant Fall!

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