Are You Ready?

Turning points.

Big transitions.

Emerging awareness. 

Kickass “ah-ha’s.”

We know, don’t we, when it’s time? Teetering on an obvious “growing edge”, we rock back and forth on our heels, peer over into the canyon of change that seems pretty damn wide and deep and scary and yet……….what? Exhilarating? Freeing? “Right” in a way that allows your whole body to breath a sign of relief?

I’ve been there. 

I will be again. I’ve hit rock bottoms, found myself at huge turning points and landed squarely at the beginning of life changing transitions as a result of countless kickass “ah-ha’s.” Over and over again.  So have you.  And there’s really only one thing that matters, isn’t there, as you look back at those times?

What did you do with it?

Here’s the thing. I have no intention of trying to motivate or inspire you (thought I love when that naturally happens J) to use all of the insights and angst and hopeful excitement you are feeling right now to get going on this change that you’re up against.   I don’t twist people’s arms or wrestle them to the ground to begin Coaching with me or to sign up for some kind of offering that I know could be beneficial.  It’s the reason I have amazing clients who are dedicated to the deep personal work we are doing together.  They’ve decided they are all “in” and grab my hand.  (no, we don’t need to do this stuff alone!)

I trust you. And I trust that you know if it’s time for us to partner together.

But from the bottom of my heart, I want you to hear this, though:

Please take time over this beautiful holiday season to carve out some sweet moments for yourself so you can listen to your deepest longings.

What are they telling you?

How willing are you to stop tolerating what is keeping you small in ways that are exhausting?

You know that there’s a powerful change being called for, that you are courageous enough to say “Yes” and know the Universe has your back.

You’re stronger than you think.

There’s enough Love around you to support this important work you’re considering.

Imagine this exact day, a year from now and what you want to write in your journal about the bold, strong, brave person you were who shouted “Life is too short for this nonsense!” and took a leap.

Revolutionary Love.  Let’s do this different.”

My company. My passion. My whole hearted Love, being offered to each of you.

I want for each and every one of you to experience your hearts deepest longings, to take this life you’ve been gifted with by the hand and courageously walk in the direction of ease, finally letting go of the struggle.  I want you to thrive, not just keep plodding through.

You can do this. You can leave this, you can embody this, you can change this once and for all, you can become your best self.

Waking up.  It’s why we’re here.  Loving in more conscious ways…..ourselves first, then extending it out to others.  We’re all in this together.  I’m here if you need to grab a hand.

The happiest of holidays to all of you and see you in the New Year! 

Big love to you~  Barb