FOR BETTER OR WORSE – “Well, how bad are we talking?”

FOR BETTER OR WORSE – “Well, how bad are we talking?”

Vows. Promises. Intentions. Hopes. Wishes. Pinky swears.

When you’re in love and swept up in the possibility of it all, drenched in the newness, the prospect of building an entire, beautiful life with this other person is wildly exciting. Individuals who swore they’d never get married decide they want the “whole enchilada!” Even stiff, traditional vows, while not actually used as much anymore, have a sweet ring to them. The mantel of “I’d do ANYTHING for you” is happily carried, along with a dreamy look.

In the beginning of a relationship, a couple naturally looks for their “similarities.” They happily make a mental note of all the things they have in common and more easily accept the differences, actually seeing them as strengths that will balance them out.

Fast forward several years, a thousand miniscule incidents and enough time spent with the blinders off dealing with “real life” and most couples feel smacked hard up against the head, their mouths left gapping wide open, staring at the stranger that lives under the same roof.

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