Core Desired Feelings

I personally LOVE Danielle LaPorte's work around this! A few years ago, she saved me from driving myself absolutely crazy during a late December planning / brainstorming / "What the hell and I going to do next?" time.

Basically, I have meltdowns right after my birthday and into the first week of January.

I'd like to tell you that I've learned to be aware of this happening and that I have things in place to not fall off the edge, but it would be a lie. It always catches me off guard, I go into deep melancholy and then sit in confusion / frustration / angst and try to dig myself out. My sweet new husband has had the pleasure of witnessing this twice now. He hasn't run, so........yay Mr. Hathaway! (By the way, he's a fabulous support and listens like a Boss!)

So here's what I always come back to AFTER my meltdown and I offer it to you.

As you look out into this bright, exciting (scary?) new year, put your arms and heart around the question, "How do I want to FEEL?"  

Stay away, just for a day or so, from "What do I want to do?"

Grab your journal and write from a deeper place.

  • When did you "feel" amazing this last year and what caused it?
  • How can you create more of that "feeling tone" in your whole being?

Imagine, just for a moment, what could flow in your decision making process if you aligned with these feelings and made choices based on whether they made you feel that way, whether they brought you more alive?

My 4 Core Desired Feelings

Bold / Strong
Meaningfully connected
Positive influence

When I then consider taking on a project, saying "Yes" to a request, hell, even looking at my website home page as I consider changes, I ask "Is this idea/thought/opportunity in alignment with how I want to feel?"

Yes? Groovy, take another step forward to explore it further.

No? Scrap it. Right there. Don't say "Yeah, but it's a brilliant idea." Nope. Not for you if you can't get into a high energy, non-constricted space around it right off the bat.

Like it?

Tell me your experience and share yours with me! Let's do this different, my friends. The world need us coming alive!   

Big love to you all ~ Barb