Love & My Personal Journey To The Chapel


Your Relationship Coach got married in Santa Fe last Saturday and has been off running around New Mexico with this handsome, kindhearted man!

There's much more to say, but without sounding like a newlywed who's madly in love right now, this is what I want you to hear:

I've screwed up love and marriage more than once in my life. Done things from such an unconscious place early on that it boggles even my mind at the pain I caused myself and others.

You name it, in terms of relationship, I've probably been there, whether on the receiving end or the dishing it out side. I've been married, divorced, lived together before marriage, been with men, women, had an affair with someone 20 yrs older than me, dated a guy 15 years younger than me, had to take a restraining order out on a person I had loved, been a stepmom, had my own child, spent years as a single mom, dated as a woman in my 50's, had to get truly Ok with knowing I might be single the rest of my life..........and..........walked up to the man who has become my Beloved partner and knew something powerful was about to happen in our lives.

I'm sharing all of this (which is certainly not very pretty, although it is actually beautiful, as all of our lives journey's are) to let you know two very important things:

I am a Relationship Coach because when I crashed and burned at age 32, everything began to change and doors opened left and right as I focused diligently on my personal and spiritual growth. No matter what you've experienced in love & relationship, what you've done yourself or had happen to you, it all can change NOW. I am beyond passionate about helping others to get fully into alignment with their real self, their most amazing self, their strong, empowered, authentic and joyful self so they can create the kind of love and life they deeply long for.

And....what I've known for years and will emphasize again today, as I experience this unfolding in my own life - to have a long term, committed relationship that is high functioning, loving and drama free, you must anchor a love connection around these two principles:

* A certain level of emotional maturity must be met before taking on the big challenges of marriage

* The understanding that a long term, committed relationship is for the purpose of advancing an individual’s personal and spiritual growth and that every single day-to-day joy and challenge will bring you up against that edge!

Think about this and let me know how I can support you in either getting yourself to this point of readiness or helping you shift your relationship to this kind of growth oriented journey.

My company is named "Revolutionary Love" for a reason. It's up to us to make the necessary, deep changes in ourselves to create friendships, meaningful connections and relationships that reflect a higher level of consciousness. Doing this love thing "different" not only effects our own lives, it effects the lives of everyone around us. Will you join me?

Big love to you all~ Barb

(PS - none of you are allowed to share the above with my new husband, Ok? hahahaha!)