Integrity, Courage & Showing Up For Love & Life

Hello to all you brave travelers~

I say "brave" because what I know is that just to participate in this journey called "life", we are required to show up over and over again with courage, resilience and an open heart. No matter what.

 At times, that feels incredibly easy and beautiful and we feel so overwhelmingly grateful for every little thing that it simply pours out of us. 

And other times, it feels almost like a joke as we find ourselves on our knees, our hearts breaking and not one tiny bit of understanding about how we will find a way to connect to our hearts again, let alone each other and take the necessary steps to move forward.

As I sat by the fire early this morning after a restless night, my husband and I checked in about how we were each feeling after so many months of toxicity, blatant lies, wild threats and pain around this election.  As we were talking, I realized that in my Coaching practice, many of my clients have experienced some kind of similar pain / bewilderment / outrage as a result of going through a divorce/breakup with someone who was either truly narcissistic, unstable or who turned vengeful.  Facing out and out lies about conduct, being drug through needless legal actions to break them down, being on the receiving end of scare tactics or threats left them saying to me "How is this fair?  I'm a good person.  Why am I being asked to keep dealing with this horrible behavior?  Can't other people see what they are doing? Why are they getting away with this?"

More than likely, at some point in your life, you've been through something that blindsided you, leaving you feeling like you had either "lost" something huge or were "lost", not able to find your footing for quite some time.

I've been there, to that extreme, twice in my life.  The first time, in my 20's I truly didn't understand that I would eventually be Ok.  Two years ago, I knew that I needed to access every damn bit of empowerment and strength that I had, lean on my support system and be a powerful force for truth while not backing down.  And I road out the storm with a fair amount of inner calm.

Whether you are reeling from something shocking your system right now that you have no control over or whether you are gathering yourself up to fight the good fight with integrity so that you don't go into "victim" mode, stay present with who you want to be.  You have yourself, your values and your character.  Don't compromise yourself or underestimate the power that gets generated from modeling integrity, especially in the face of unconsciousness.