It’s Not About The Vision Board

Vision boards.  Journaling streams of affirmations.  Listening to the singing bowls. Contacting your tarot reader. 

I’m not against any of them.

But if you truly want to be out of the pain you continue to experience and heading toward a life that is not only filled with more ease, but satisfying to the soul, these can end up as distractions.

So how does that sound?

To be “soulfully satisfied” and at ease?

There are three things that are going to bring it and I mean, BRING IT.   Clear the decks right now on all this other stuff that you’ve been engaging in.  There’s nothing wrong with them.  Crystals can be healing, reading a powerful book can change your perspective and working with an energy healer may offer more important releases.  Go back to these if they call to you.  But for now………three things:

1. Ask clear, empowering questions of yourself and be ready to tell yourself the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so HELP ME GOD.   

 (btw, you just uttered one of the most powerful prayers that could ever pass through your lips)

When you’re honestly ready to get out of pain or to finally say “Yes!” to a life that your heart longs for, you must carve out time alone, sit yourself down and have a heart to heart with yourself.  You must agree to stop all the distractions and ways that you try and hand your power to another person who can “help you” and listen to what your soul is trying to say to you. Ask, listen and then actually take time to “answer” questions like:

1.  What is trying to emerge in my life right now?

2.  What next step is calling to me, regardless of any fear I feel?

3.  The time is now for me to listen and act.  Am I willing to finally get unstuck?

2. Activate a “full body, I’m not kidding, I can vision this” feeling tone for 68 seconds straight!

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and run your truths and any big “Yeses” through you.  And I mean, full body tone, energy surging, vibration rising, I feel this down to my toes, I believe it’s time and am ready, ready, ready kind of feeling activation!  Feel the truth in what you are claiming, hold the vision of it taking place NOW, get your whole body resonating with the positive feelings you experience when you sit “in” this place your soul has sent you to. 

Breathe.  Then allow yourself to sit in that high vibration for 68 straight seconds without contradicting the feeling.   (more on the 68 seconds later or message me!)

Then relax, breathe, stay out of negativity and head into the rest of your day or evening.


On what?  Nothing you watch your brilliant mind try to come up with.  Take the next step ONLY after engaging in the first two practices and IF you are shown or hear an action step.  Two things to watch out for here.  If you’ve honestly opened up to some big life changing truths, don’t keep from taking that next step out of fear, by pretending you don’t hear it.  And second, don’t negotiate with the Universe in regards to what you are hearing.  Take the step.   Period.  Then see what other guidance comes in on the heels of that creative movement!

Do you see how simple this actually is? 

Stop.  Listen quietly.  Ask empowered questions.  Allow the truth to come in.  Hold that truth until you can feel the vibration of that energy intensifying and all contradictions to it melt away.  Act on the next step shown to you.


That’s it.

Can I tell you something?  After 20 years of Coaching and Spiritual Direction with clients, this practice is the one that finally gets individual unstuck and actives life affirming, powerful change.   If you really looked at how many times you “knew” intuitively what the next step was but stood still out of fear, you’d be stunned. 

That “ease” you so deeply long for?  Make this journey through life a little less challenging.  Trust that you have all the wisdom you need in every moment if you will just listen, ask and commit to “acting” no matter what.  Exercise that “trust” muscle and jump in. 

I want to hear from you!  Share with me how this process has worked for you or if you feel your “brave” coming on and are ready to play~

Big love to you all,