It’s been the topic of conversation recently and the word has been woven into casual chats with friends, intimate discussions with my beloved husband and thrown around with clients.

Sure, it’s the time of year where we are expressing gratitude for the longer, “lighter” days.  (If you live here in Portland like I do, we’ve been longing for the constant rain to stop!)

And yes, with all that’s going on in our world, conversations turn regularly to how “heavy” everyone is feeling and the desire to find ways to “lighten” the intensity of emotions.

The focus recently with a client, as he renewed his wedding vows was on bringing in more playfulness, fueled by a “lighter” attitude in their everyday lives.

My husband and I reveled in our escape to Puerto Vallarta and the additional “lightness” it brought from having no schedule whatsoever. That kind of lightness allows a day to unfold in front of you organically, enjoying things moment to moment.

The bigger question then, is not only how “light” you feel as you navigate your days right now, but are you aware of what you do that starts adding to more heaviness or begins bringing more ease and flow into your day?

Want to know one of the most powerful, effective things you can do every day to stay above the fray?

Commit to a mindfulness practice.

I would have said “meditate” but half of you would immediately groan and say to yourself something to the effect of “I know! I’m so bad about staying with that!” or “I’ve tried it and my mind’s too busy to have it work.”


What you do matters. 

What you don’t do matters.

 How you show up in your world, on a daily basis matters.

Whether you remain grounded and come from a place of “responding” with ease and Grace or allow yourself to get triggered and in full blown “reactive” mode, the negativity affects every single person around you.

Then it ripples out into our world.

I want you out of daily pain, fear and stress.

I selfishly want you to add to the health, consciousness and kindness in our world.

Will you do this with me and see what happens this month?


Today, June 1st, 2017 (or no later than this weekend), will you sit with yourself and make a commitment to join us in some kind of daily mindfulness practice for the full 30 days, then let’s check in together.


  • Sit in quiet meditation, every single morning, simply following your breath for 5 minutes
  • Close your eyes, take one long slow in-breath and one long exhale and repeat over and over, “I let go, I let go, I let go.”
  • Write in your journal for 5 minutes everything you can think of that is going really well
  • Speak out loud every morning, looking into the mirror, “I relax, let go and trust that life has my back today.”
  • Stay away from anything you know that winds you up emotionally – the news, articles, FB, rehashing world events with friends or family, groups that fire your anxiety (just for now)
  • Walk every single evening for 10 minutes and simply swing your arms, breathe and unwind
  • Turn on music that loosens the heart strings, stand up and sway or dance for 5 full minutes
  • Write or tell a partner every evening before bed, 5 things you’re deeply grateful
  • Workout, stretch, do yoga, or any other physical movement to the point of sweating every single day (that might take 5 minutes or an hour!)
  • Sit every day for 5 minutes where you aren’t interrupted and stare out the window, focusing on individual things, like the way a branch on a tree sways in the wind, the cloud formations, a flower, the dog being walked….and breathe
  • Every day, notice when you feel any intense emotions and take 30 seconds to close your eyes, breathe, and say to yourself “I am safe. All is well.”

Feel free to add something of your own that you know works, but do make sure to pick a couple from the list above.

Put a little sheet somewhere you will see it each day and make a “check mark” when you’ve done them. It will feel great and be motivating.

The beauty of this kind of Coaching is that there is “accountability” added in and that’s where the magic begins. We all are pretty darn smart and know what we need or when things are off base.  It’s just that it so easy to not take a step in the direction of helping ourselves. 

I want you to feel more ease. Let’s do this together. 

Need an additional incentive to start the process of helping yourself experience more “lightness?” 

Any of you that truly do this for 30 days and then send me a note on July 1st , with a comment on what made a difference for you will get something fun in the mail from me.  A book, a beaded bracelet, a movie ticket……? Who knows? 

You in? 

I believe with all my heart that once you begin a 30 day mindfulness practice of any kind and experience the results, you’ll want more of that sense of peace and that you will naturally begin to lean into more and more of these daily practices.

Let’s jump in! Keep me posted on how it’s going!

Big love to you all~