The Challenge to Revolutionize Your Love

The Challenge to Revolutionize Your Love



The truth is, it's going to require that you take a serious stand for a whole new way of being with your partner and that means some soul-searching and then getting to work! It's not like you don't have a million other things going on in your life right now.

Why add this in? Why now?

Because you're here for a reason and you know deep inside that this has been trying to get your attention for a while. You know that the "dream" has gotten damn close to a "nightmare" at times. I'm guessing you miss, more than you care to admit, that amazing closeness and fun you both had in the beginning. Its cool to wander around with your beloved and know you're rockin' it and that people see how great you are together. It's not fun to feel like you have fewer and fewer of those days.

It's painful to worry about where things are headed. It's also easy to fall into mediocrity and just keep letting things unfold without a clue what to do to turn things around, right?

It's time. It's time and this is not just for you. Hear me on this one, Ok? What if it really is, all on YOUR shoulders to begin changing each and every one of your relationships into mindful ones?

Take in that profound awareness.

We are being called on to evolve like never before. Evolve, not just change a little, which is going to require a greater level of participation and honesty. And that means people like you and me need to become strong and brave and make a commitment to do whatever it takes to stay close to our "edge." The edge moves us out of our comfort zone, challenges us to be more and opens doors to growth, passion, understanding and happiness. To turn away from this work now, not only hurts yourself, keeping you and your partner stuck in emotional immaturity and pain, it affects everyone else in your circles, families and communities. We must lead the way and rely on our boldness to push through any fear or inertia.

Why you? Why not you? You know it's time.

Are you in?

Let's do this different!