The Healing Power of Conscious Connections

Last Thursday night turned out to be one of the most enjoyable events that I've thrown in a long time with the "Badass" herself, author Jen Sincero, of "You Are A Badass!"

While there's always an element of excitement when I'm speaking to a group, or hosting another person, I had a moment during the evening in which I saw other quite amazing things going on….everyone there was “connecting” in a way I had not witnessed before, during a gathering like this.

In the past, I’ve noticed many times when offering a workshop or event:

  • Hesitancy coming into the space, group or event – in other words, the “caution light” is on
  • Quite a few people with closed body language – a bit of initial protection
  • The immediate gravitating toward a known person or group
  • Finding seats off to the side or only with people who are familiar
  • A lot of quietness – looking at phones, not making eye contact, waiting for things to start

I’m not sure exactly what contributed to the difference, (believe me, I’m digging deep into this so it can be re-created for all of you amazing fellow travelers) but from the time each one of you walked in the door, the energy was strikingly different! I watched individuals:

  • Smile, laugh and be amazingly open as soon as they came in and were greeted by my lovely “badass” helpers
  • Walk right into a hug with me when I introduced myself and anyone else within arms distance
  • Chat easily with everyone around them and plop down in a seat next to so-called strangers
  • Engage in conversations about spirituality, what they loved in Jen’s book, what personal issues they were dealing with head on

It has always been my belief that we LONG for more meaningful connection on a daily basis, but aren’t sure how to create it.  I hear people say “Oh, I’m shy, I’m an introvert, I’m not good at connecting, I don’t like crowds, I need to feel safe, I’m not a hugger, I’m not comfortable sharing personal things” and yet, while I certainly respect those statements, I find that when safety is offered through a loving, open hearted, vibrant, energized surrounding, those same people are the ones throwing their arms around someone they met 5 minutes before and allowing tears to flow as they share something personal and it’s compassionately received.

One of my “4 Core Desired Feelings” (thank you, Danielle LaPorte!) that I align with every morning during my spiritual practice is “meaningful connection.”  I was steeped in it, myself, during this book signing event and had many of you pull me aside to share that you felt free-er, more accepted and had risked connecting on a deeper level that night than ever before.


That’s fascinating to me.  

Was it that this group of individuals was sporting a new, “badass”, free spirit mindset from reading the book? Did the excitement of meeting Jen in person add to a sense of playfulness and ease? Did my intention to surround you all with a “spiritual party” atmosphere create a sense of oneness that you could feel?

With all of the “madness” going on around us in our world, I believe raising our own level of consciousness and committing to taking risks that attempt to bring us all closer is imperative.  We watch regularly what happens when people feel alone, judged, shamed and excluded and our hearts break over and over.  

I witnessed almost 150 people last week move with ease and Grace through a sea of loving “strangers” and reach out to each other with warmth, smiles and laughter.

May we all recognize the beauty of interdependence and may Love lead the way in our lives.