Why Can't I Get This Love Thing Figured Out?

Love, I Just Don’t Get It!

One of the things I’ve learned over the course of 20 years as a Relationship Coach is that we all – every single one of us – feel like there are areas of this “love thing” that we just don’t get!

From my celebrity clients to the neighbor down the street, I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, “Why don’t we get Relationship 101 training before we go out there, stumbling around in the world, causing ourselves and others so much pain?”

Because we just don’t. 

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been talking about this and trying to get some kind of teaching into our high schools. Most of our parents had no clue about how to relate in loving, conscious ways so they certainly couldn’t pass much on to us. There is a point when every single client I’ve worked with begins to see the amazing effects our Coaching is having, not only in terms of intimacy building, but in how good they feel about themselves and then say, “I wish I’d known all of this sooner! What a difference this would that have made in my life?”

While we can’t turn the clock back, you can decide today that you’re ready to begin learning about yourself, your relationships and how to bring ease and deep intimacy into your life. 

You can commit, right now, to doing what it takes to learn how to end those ridiculous arguments you keep falling into and how to create a safe environment to begin sharing in an open hearted, vulnerable, yet powerful way.

The theme of the Revolutionary Love Q & A Evening last week? 

  • Wanting to go deeper with their partner / spouse.
  • Being ready to stop the nonsense and show up better- as a person, a lover, a friend, a parent.
  • Feeling ready to take a deep dive into real intimacy and not having a clue where to begin.

This, my friends, is more than music to my ears. It bursts my heart open wide because my belief is, no matter what we see and hear on a daily basis, that people are waking up. That individuals are not only more willing to learn how to “do this love thing different”, they actually see the benefit of investing in themselves to become the kind of person that stops the senseless drama, ends painful relationship dynamics and models a happy, compassionate, thriving life!

Next week I’m going to give you the jumping off point. Spend this week considering what your “growing edge” is and what it would take for you to make this year a year of unbelievable change and growth in the way you interact with every single person in your life.

Everything meaningful in our lives centers around relationship.

Nothing could be more important.

We need you.

Big love to you all ~ Barb