You're Not Alone In Not Knowing How To Figure This Love Thing Out...

I’m a so-called “Expert, Celebrity, Relationship Coach.”

For what it’s worth, I’ve been rockin’ this profession since Thomas Leonard (major Coaching guru!) started it in the 90’s, and I’ve had the honor of working with thousands of clients from all over the world these last 20 years.

That’s where the “expert” part comes in. I’ve seen it all, heard it all and Coached it all when it comes to this “love” thing.

The “celebrity” part? Most people don’t know that my client list has been filled with many, many famous people and here’s why that’s important to YOU and the reason I’m mentioning it:

You know all those times that you sit there thinking “WTH? Why am I so challenged in relationship? What is it I’m not getting about this dating thing / intimacy thing / marriage thing?  Is it me or is it him/her? My God, I feel like I have zero skills in this area?”

Guess who’s thinking the same thing?

Mr. Famous Rock Star who’s on tour in Europe right now. So is Ms. Famous actress who’s showing up on the set in L.A. today. Mr. Kickass Football Coach whose team won big last year, is struggling. And that hotshot yoga guru whose life looks amazing? She just found out her husband’s been having a 2 year affair, and doesn’t have a clue as to how to repair and rebuild, or whether she even wants to.


Feeling like your relationship skill level must be lower than everyone else’s. 

Not true. 

Even the big, well-known hot shots out there kickin’ it in other parts of their lives come to me embarrassed, believing that everyone else has got the “intimacy thing” down and that they somehow missed the Relationship 101 course. One of the reasons these celebrities like to work with me from a distance is that they don’t have to be seen going into a therapist or couples counselor’s office and have it reported.

Ok. You and I both know there is no shame in seeking therapy to heal old wounds and break negative, habitual patterns that are not serving you. As far as reaching out for powerful, expert support in the area of relationship? My personal belief is that Relationship Coaching is a much more successful choice than marriage counseling. That was my own experience years ago. And almost every single one of my clients who come to me in relationship turmoil tell me they have already tried couples therapy and it “made things worse.”  

Here’s what I know. We don’t learn even the basics about what it takes to become individuals who could sustain a happy, healthy, high–functioning relationship! And right now, I’m speaking about relationships in general. If you believe, as I do, that everything “meaningful” in life centers around relationship, then think about what we’re saying here!

We don’t learn:

  • What foundational pieces need to be in place in our own lives, to be able to relate in conscious, compassionate ways with others
  • How to do a regular internal “scan” for areas in which we still show up with a certain level of emotional immaturity
  • What the dating period is really for and how to navigate it successfully and with ease
  • What a long term, committed relationship must be based on to have a shot at it lasting! 
  • The level of toxicity and dysfunction that gets created when a person is overly concerned with pleasing others, can’t set swift boundaries and hides from authentically showing up in their lives

Well, damn.

So if all of us, including those celebrities you check out every day, are trying to figure out how to honestly do this “love & relationship” thing different, where’s the starting point?

“The quality and depth of the relationship you create with yourself will equal the quality and depth of all of your relationships. Especially, the one you long for most…the one with a true, conscious, intimate partner.”

--Coach Beck

"Revolutionizing" the way that you love is going to come from tossing out everything you think you know and embracing that to have the kind of love you so desperately want, you've got to make a huge mindset shift - one that requires your love relationships to be navigated as a spiritual practice.  This is how the door gets blown open WIDE for you to have what you so deeply desire!

Ready to step up your game?

Revolutionizing your “intimate” connections allows you to finally feel a sense of internal freedom, by putting into place things like:

  • A strong “personal honor code”
  • Bold, swift boundaries that keep your heart and soul protected from “yuck”
  • Getting clarity around your deepest longings and how you want to “feel” each day
  • A daily spiritual practice that anchors your learning, growth and brings in compassion

I’d love to travel this path with you. Every single bit of “waking up” we do contributes to the whole. When you find internal freedom for yourself, all of your relationships are positively affected! 

Call me if it’s time for us to have a conversation about you “doing this love thing different!”