There are times when you know –  “really, unequivocally, no more bs-ing around” know -  that you’re at a turning point.  That you’re ready to “do things different” in a way that is going to change your life and the way you love and put an end to all the nonsense, confusion and unnecessary drama that keeps getting in the way.

I find that this is when individuals who have met me out in the world, heard me speak or kept my business card taped to their laptop, contact me. We’re ready only when we’re ready.  Most of my clients have looped through some therapy, taken countless classes and workshops and quite a few have worked with a Coach along the way.

And yet, they find themselves back in a frustrating place because they tried to fix a particular “problem”, change a “person” or simply get help in making a decision about a relationship and didn’t actually get to the source of all the looping……the need to begin building an incredibly strong personal/spiritual foundation for themselves that would change the way they “showed up” in all of their relationships, including their most intimate one!

When a person hits this wall, they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are ready to jump in and finally learn the skills, tools and principles necessary to begin living with more ease and freedom.  They sense that a whole new “mindset” is going to be needed.  Sure, they’re scared.  And yes, they know it’s going to require a big investment on their end. But I hear over and over, “I’m ready, Barb.  I finally get that the only person I have any control over is me and I’m ready to build a strong relationship with myself.  Maybe then I can do this “love thing” different.”

After 20 years of doing this intimate, beautiful work, I’m still amazed when I get to witness those vulnerable, brave moments with another fellow traveler, when they say “Yes” to themselves.

If you feel ready, I can imagine you might be experiencing many of the same things my clients have shared with me when we jump in:

They say they are EXHAUSTED from:

  • Getting into the same “crazytown” argument over and over again with their partner
  • Wondering if they are “falling out of love” or if this is what a long term relationship feels like
  • Making a pro’s and con’s list, continually trying to decide if the relationship is worth more time and effort
  • Dating individuals that they have zero connection with and nothing in common
  • Trying to get their partner to make the relationship a priority along with them
  • Taking huge emotional hits as they experience breakup after breakup
  • Being scared to have important conversations that are long due
  • Having their self-esteem rocked because they’re beginning to believe they might know next to nothing about what a conscious, healthy relationships requires


When it comes to love and relationships, most people have come up against these tough places and stumbled hard.  And most tell me they still have no idea what they are actually doing wrong or what to do different, other than to change partners. 

I can tell you, the change begins with you, not from simply getting into a new relationship! You know that now, or you wouldn’t be here.

Listening to that still small voice and embarking upon the personal work and spiritual path that can illuminate your way, can spark a readiness to:

  • Have a true understanding of what our intimate relationships are really meant for
  • Get a strong sense of yourself, who you are and what you truly want firmly in place
  • Learn how to finally set swift, compassionate boundaries with everyone in your life so you can deeply RELAX
  • Understand how to use important, spiritual principles to keep growing your own emotional maturity
  • Stop wasting time with people who cannot meet you where you need to be met
  • Drop all drama, pointless arguing and to lead with kindness, compassion and strength
  • Feel FREEDOM again in all areas of your life!
I discovered Barb during a pivotal time in one of my serious relationships. I quickly realized that she is not only a spectacular Relationship Coach, she is a conscious practitioner of self-study and spirituality, and she truly practices what she teaches. With Barb, I not only found healing for my relationship, but re-connection with myself, something that is crucial to the success of any other outside interaction, love or otherwise.
— Sadie Nardini Author, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

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